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Bear Dog Outdoor Testimonials

Adventure Days

“I just wanted to thank you on Harry's behalf for a fantastic experience today. Harry thoroughly enjoyed it, especially cooking his own lunch and doing so many things he isn't allowed to do at home! Thank you for all your hard work and keep us posted on future days. Harry's already planning a Bear Dog birthday party even though he doesn't turn 10 until August!”

“Will LOVED it! Best part was the catapult - worst part nothing! He kept dad thoroughly entertained telling him all about it. He's obviously all telled-out as I'm having to use my MI5 skills to get info! Thank you once again x”

“I wanted to thank you for the Secret Agent Day today.  Mya had a thoroughly enjoyable time.  I was a bit worried about the weather, but I don't think it bothers the children. As she enjoyed it so much, I thought I would have another look into the possibility of having her birthday party at Bear Dog Days. Thank you to both you and Simon for giving the children such a great day.”

“Thank you both so much. Tom had an amazing day and has regaled us with stories of drinking fairy liquid and other horrible mixtures, although he did admit to chickening out of trying anything himself apart from the grog and hot chocolate. Apparently we have to buy a fire basket and teacups so we can make it just like Ruth! Fab day, glad it was drier for you both. Looking forward to the next one; and William now even more desperate to be old enough both for Beavers and Bear Dog! Thank you again.”

“I just had to send you a quick e-mail to say a HUGE thank you for making Edward's day so amazing. He had a complete ball - and came home beaming from ear to ear. His first question was "when can I go again Mummy?", so please let me know when the next courses are; he'll be there! He loved every moment - what a great concept and brilliantly executed. Well done!”

“Ruth - William has not stopped raving about today, and can't think of a best bit as he loved everything. Considering that cake and lunch were not immediately said to be the best things he MUST have loved it all! ‘Best outdoor thing I've done’, ‘can't wait until we go again’, ‘when am I going again?’, ‘can I go tomorrow’, ‘I think hot squash is the second best drink after hot chocolate’, ‘don't eat the kind of mushroom that will kill you in a week’… So a HUGE thank you to you and Jed”


"Many thanks for what has to be the very best, most professionally organised and brilliantly conceived party we have ever been involved with. All William's friends were hugely complimentary… and they're all still buzzing about it.

Well done on an excellent event – and thank you so much. JL"

"Dear Ruth, thank you for taking the time to write such a lovely e-mail - I've only just managed to stop crying to reply to you! It was lovely to hear about what the children did as C is not very forthcoming at the best of times and was of course distracted by the ensuing fireworks on Saturday. It sounds like they had a unique and memorable experience - thank you for taking the time and effort to make it such a special time for them and to see beyond our children's disabilities to what unique and special children they are as well. Hopefully see you again soon."

“I was very enthused and drawn by what I saw on your website but was slightly reticent about spending quite so much on a kids’ party. The preparation and event itself exceeded all expectation, however, and gave the kids so much in so many ways and will be a party to remember so I think ended up very good value for money.
The competitive element worked really well and kept all the kids motivated.  The way you spoke to the kids was really straightforward and unpatronising. The pace and content were spot on and the whole event was truly excellent.
I am very impressed by your organization as well, Ruth, and the way you personalise the events.  I will be spreading the word about Bear Dog as much as possible – keep up the brilliant work! Top quality, a brilliant business!”

Ruth, a ridiculously belated but none the less heart-felt thank you for Edward's party. It really was just so well planned and delivered, the beauty of the parties that you run is that all the children seem to love them - there is something for every child to enjoy. It's simply good old-fashioned fun, brilliantly done and with such enthusiasm - it's infectious. Well done to you and Jed. Keep up the good work  

“Ruth organised my son’s and his friend’s 9th birthday party along the theme of woodland survival. It was extremely well-organised and very well thought through to the last detail. The boys had a fabulous time making fires, cooking their own tea, zip-wiring, commando crawling across ropes and using the catapults to fire stones at balloons. They all came home happy and exhausted and very muddy. They had a balla and so did we. I would highly recommend Ruth and AJ, who assisted on the day. Their knowledge and skills were amazing and I was very impressed at the rapport they had with the boys and the way the boys were looked after. I am hoping to book and ‘end of term’ event for a group of boys with Bear Dog Outdoor and have recommended the company to a number of my friends. Thank you!”

“What a fantastic birthday party, perfectly tailored to 8 year olds. The themed problem-solving games and props used made it really special and captured their imaginations. Just the experience of running wild in the woods and having sausages on a camp fire was wonderful for them. Ruth expertly handled ten 8 year old boys, making the party great fun, igniting their imaginations yet keeping them safe. It was a wonderful, relaxing experience for the ‘grown-ups’ involved who didn’t have to do a thing but join in the fun and observe a bunch of delighted 8 year olds – not the usual kids’ birthday party experience! Thank you.”

“Ruth/Jed - thank you both so much for organising such an amazing day yesterday for the 2 x Tom's. Everyone had such a brilliant time and Tom thought that it was the best party he had ever had. I can't wait until my other 2 are old enough to start having Bear Dog parties! You both put so much effort into making the day so special and memorable ... the kids all thought that it was such a fab day. Thank you both so much again”


"Thank you for being so brilliant at what you do. You gave the kids a fantastic time with a gamut of new experiences and the real deal when it came to camping outdoors. Thank you for being so kind with the children and taking the time to listen and help them. A great, amazingly detailed newsletter - has it gone to all the parents? Wishing you well in your forthcoming adventures. Love K, E and K. PS and thanks for the curry!" KP KS2 Teacher

"A massive thanks for a great weekend.  Despite Mack's "sand-in-his-crocs-and-thorn-in-his-foot" crisis (thanks for resolving the latter - you have inspired me with your straight to the point technique), Mack had a fab time and gave the weekend top marks, and I had a really lovely time too.  You and Jed put in so much effort with all of the Bear Dog swords, boats, etc., and the location was fabulous...."

"... Hear, hear. Our sentiments exactly. It was amazing and thanks to all, especially Ruth and Jed. Zac has only just dropped off to sleep. He's been sobbing his little heart out for the last 45mins, unable to really explain the reason - obviously just completely exhausted and irrationally upset. Finally got it out of him that he just didn't want it to end and wishes he was still at Bear Dog. Guess that makes the weekend a resounding success :)"

"Thank you so very much for a wonderful weekend.  Monty got home and started crying because "it is all over". Both M&M are totally and happily broken. We've had a great and unforgettable time making wonderful memories and having fun... We weren't sure if the adults were to be included in the group at first but I was delighted we were as Charlotte and I had a ball! I think we will definitely return the Three Cliffs with the men."

"Just to say a big "thank you" to you both for such a super few days. As always the work you put in was incredible and the attention to detail. The kids loved it and the venue was spectacular... I enjoyed the taking part as an adult in it too. It was nice to see the kids doing bits and pieces. Had my back been better I would have joined in more i.e. running down the dunes... Really super again. Callum didn't want to go home.  And thank you for thinking of me with the walking poles; it gave me a chance to participate and I would never have thought of it. They were brilliant. And I was able to get some exercise and enjoy the views and  activities."


"Thanks for a fantastic day. Everyone had a great time; the girls and staff were buzzing and the feedback I heard girls giving parents was wonderful. I hope this is the beginning of a long relationship the school will have with Bear Dog; I'm certainly keen to do it all again next year!... Thanks once again to everyone involved."
Yr4 teacher, Berkshire Prep School

“One fine morning we joined Ruth Hubbard at the scout hut to receive our instructions. My class of year fives were kitted out in outdoor clothing and robust footwear to begin a day of adventure in the fields and woodlands nearby.  We split into teams and took our maps and clues to begin solving the challenges set up around the paths and fields. My class was fully engaged and took great delight in diffusing bombs, crossing ravines and meeting the difficulties head-on, acting as a team and working together. Back at the scout hut the children cooked over open fires and did a variety of team-building exercises.
Ruth had been meticulous in her planning and preparation, the resources were of good quality and fit for purpose, the variety of incidents meant that children with differing skills could employ them and be successful. Ruth led the groups with clear directions and open-ended challenges; she was confident in her intentions and carried them out enthusiastically.  Ruth has a no-nonsense approach and is knowledgeable in her sphere of outdoor activities leading to a quality experience for the children”
Satisfied Year 5 teacher

“[I have been] given the most fantastic planning for the two visit days next week.  Thank you so much – we are looking forward to it….  I am so excited!”
Prep School Headteacher

“The curriculum enrichment the programme is fabulous” and has “never been so good”, in part because of the “curriculum links Ruth has managed to weave into the project”
Satisfied Yr 8 and 9 teacher

“Fabulous, fantastic and a great time had by all”.
School Office Manager

"Thank you for the most amazing day! The children just could not speak more highly about what a brilliant day they'd had and that it was the best day ever. So we just wanted to say a huge, HUGE thank you."
Primary headteacher