Bear Dog Outdoor "I tried something I thought I couldn't do, and did it"
Lottie aged 6
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Parties and fun days

All our parties are bespoke, tailored to meet a child’s expectations; it’s all about imagination and bringing your ideas to life.

Some children want to learn bushcraft and survival skills, including primitive hunting techniques, stove-making and cooking; others want a magical game of pretend, usually combined with fire-lighting and camp-cooking.  Bear Dog has a huge collection of props and unique games – everything from coffins, treasure chests and light-up haunted houses, to pyramids, dragons and rocket launchers. Almost any theme is possible, given enough planning time; they have included Minecraft, secret agents, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, knights and castles, fairies and toadstools, Shrek, Top Gear, Moshi Monsters, Tree Fu Tom, Peter Pan and many, many more.

Bear Dog has a range of tepees and shelters and we are very happy to run parties at any time of year, or any time of day.  Parties in the dark can be enormous fun and some of our best events have been run in 4” of snow or lashing rain.”