Bear Dog Outdoor "I tried something I thought I couldn't do, and did it"
Lottie aged 6
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One-off Days for Schools

Many schools want a fun and engaging learning experience, whether as an end-of-term treat or to enhance topic-work. We cater for children of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, including those with special needs.

Educational objectives

The client’s long-term aims and specific educational objectives are at the heart of all we do. Everything is risk-assessed then meticulously planned in consultation with the client to ensure they get the event they want.

"It really was a fantastic day and one we would like to repeat in the future. Thanks for all your hard work in the preparation and then making it such a success on the day"
Head of Lower School

“I also wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your team for Friday - it was incredible! Words go nowhere near how great it was, but the smiles and comments from both children and parents do!  It was such a special day and I hope we will be able to continue to work with you in future on more projects.”
Headteacher, small Buckinghamshire primary school

"Thank you so much for your email – I was just about to email you! The children were delighted to hear from you (you’re the class VIP!). We really cannot thank you enough for providing us with such a fantastic day yesterday! We have had such wonderful comments from the parents explaining that their children came home bursting with exciting Bear Dog tales and news to share from yesterday’s trip! Not only did the children have a great time they also learnt some invaluable skills in a variety of well-planned and inspiring activities (The Underwear God was just hilarious!).

Equally, as staff we want to say a HUGE thank you for giving US such a fabulous experience. It was very clear just how much time and effort you put into yesterday, you really did devise an action packed and fun-filled day. The reason that it was so special was that the whole day was designed and tailor-made - just for us. Thank you so much!

We are now writing recounts of our day yesterday and I am hoping they will feature in our school magazine.

Ruth, you were brilliant and we very much look forward to coming back again – I have already started spreading the Bear Dog word!"
Year 3 teacher


Whilst bushcraft and survival-skills often form the basis of a day’s programme, we firmly believe that any area within or outside the National Curriculum can be taught outdoors.

Our historical programme includes subjects such as Ancient Egypt, mediaeval Britain, Tudors and Romans. All are taught outdoors using a variety of teaching methods, including visual aids, props and high-energy outdoor games. Children leave bursting with enthusiasm and new knowledge, without realising they have been in a “classroom” all day.

We can also provide science days (everything from ecology and geology, through to the physics of leverage or heat and light); or geography; even maths.

You tell us what topic you or your client would like covered, what your aims and learning objectives are, and we will design a completely unique day to meet your requirements.