Bear Dog Outdoor "I tried something I thought I couldn't do, and did it"
Lottie aged 6
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Bear Dog Adventure Days

Bear Dog Adventures are just that – adventures; ones which children will remember for years to come.

Adventure Days usually run during the school holidays. We use a variety of beautiful woodland settings, each perfectly suited to a particular type of event.  Whatever the requirements of the day, whether it’s jungle for a head-hunters day, swamp for a survival day, wild coniferous forest for a mid-winter Golden Compass adventure or a dark and creepy Forbidden Forest for a Hogwarts adventure, we have the right venue.

Swampy Wood


Bear Dog Adventure Days began at the insistent request of a group of local prep school mums who knew our reputation but who wanted to share the cost of giving their children a great day out during the holidays.  As such, the aim of the days is to give a small group of children a top-quality outdoor adventure which will teach them new skills and which they will remember for years to come. In this we have succeeded – just look at the testimonials page.

“I don't know what you did to or with Olivia on Wednesday last week but she had the most amazing time. 'Mummy, please can I do that again? I don't care if none of my friends are there, I just have to go again!’. I very much look forward to hearing from you, if only to make a small girl very, very happy!" FB

If you would like to add your name to our Bear Dog Adventure Day mailing list, please let us know.

Alternatively, you and a group of friends may like to get together for your very own private Adventure Day. We are very happy to cater for any age-group (adults too – why should children have all the fun?) and to plan a day around your specific requirements.